David Viner (Stormborn)

I got my first guitar when I was about 13 years old but I didn’t really start seriously playing and learning until I was 17. A couple of years down the road I met my future band mates and started a love for guitar that has ceased to fade. I have been influenced by many players famous and not, from Iron Maiden tearing it up in front of 250,000 people to the often virtuosic buskers of the London underground. My main influences are the guys in Iron Maiden (no surprises there!) as well as Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein and John Christ.

It is an honour to be welcomed into the Chapman Guitars family, there is no other guitar company like it, collaborative design: asking players what the want and giving them just that is amazing. After having the privilege of opening every night for Dorje and The Drills during their 2013 tour it is safe to say I feel even more inspired and motivated to play guitar than ever!