Laurence Armitage (Stormborn)

I’ve been playing guitar since around 2006, ever since I saw Iron Maiden’s Rock In Rio DVD. Seeing six guys play heavy metal to a fierce 250,000 person strong crowd sparked a lifelong ambition and that’s when the musician in me was born!

I’ve played alongside my fellow Chapman endorsee David Viner ever since then! We now play for StormbornÍž a supreme band of manly metal men, hellbent on taking melodic heavy metal music to the stages of the world! My own three main influences/inspirations are Iron Maiden, John Petrucci and Paul Gilbert.

Having followed Rob for years, it was such a great opportunity and pleasure to tour alongside him, Bea and the boys back in 2013 and now, being welcomed into the Chapman Guitars family is an honour!

I look forward to seeing what the future holds for us all!