Rocco Pezzin

Hi everyone, I’m Rocco, an Italian dude from a little town near Venice.

Since I was a little kid I’ve always been surrounded by music, mainly because of my father’s love for British rock and music in general. Pink Floyd, Deep Purple and Zeppelin were my first inspirations; they brought me to start playing drums at the age of ten, but it wasn’t until I first heard Slash’s playing in GnR that I fell deeply in love with the guitar, and started playing the instrument like a crazy mot*****er!

I’ve been in several metal bands, and I am always trying to enhance my musical vocabulary and technical skills by listening to and learning songs by a wide variety of artists.

When I started listening to bands like Periphery, Animals As Leaders and Jeff Loomis a whole new world opened up to me in terms of songwriting. I’m still trying to find my genre, but you can definitely hear the inspirations I’ve had in my upcoming material.

Throughout all these years, I’ve been a die-hard Chappers follower, and being a Chapman Guitars artist is definitely a huge honor for me.